New releases of some skarnet.org packages are available.

 * skalibs-

 - Bugfixes.

 - Several new functions, including a small FIFO library for generic
object queues (genqdyn.h).


 * A new execline version is in preparation, but I still need a
few more days to polish it; it should be released towards the end
of this week, or early next week. Please be aware that the "import"
command will *disappear* from future execline versions, so if
you haven't yet fully converted your scripts to use "importas"
only, now is the time.

 * s6-

 - Bugfixes.

 - QoL change: s6-svwait and other commands listening to the state of
a service now exit 102 instead of hanging if s6-supervise happens
to die.

 - s6-tai64nlocal now accepts the "-g" option to print GMT time
instead of local time.

 - s6 now records process deaths ("death tally") and provides new
commands related to this record: it can be accessed by users
(s6-svdt), cleared by users (s6-svdt-clear), and a service can be
made to permanently fail if the death tally matches a pattern of
more than N deaths of the same type in a given amount of time
(s6-permafailon, to be used in ./finish scripts). The death tally
record is autorotated: by default, up to 100 deaths are recorded,
this maximum can be changed via the new "./max-death-tally" file
in a service directory.


 * s6-rc-

 - s6-rc-update now works on OpenBSD. (OpenBSD fact of the day:
you cannot use fcntl() to change the O_NONBLOCK flag on a fd pointing
to /dev/null. Why? Because OpenBSD hates everyone, that's why.)


 * s6-linux-init-

 - Major API change:
   * The functionality of the file that was called /etc/rc.shutdown
in has now been integrated into s6-linux-init-maker, and is
not under the user's responsibility anymore.
   * The file that was called /etc/rc.tini in is now called

 What this means is that s6-linux-init-maker now automatically handles
the last part of the shutdown ("stage 3"), just as it automatically
handles the first part of the bootup ("stage 1"). And /etc/rc.shutdown
now marks the end of stage 2.

 If you upgrade to, remember to perform the following:
 # mv -f /etc/rc.tini /etc/rc.shutdown


 Bug-reports welcome.


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