I've started using s6 and was migrating some things to s6-rc and I noticed that it doesn't forward the 'check' script that I had to use for one of the processes to the compiled directory (and later to the runtime service directory). This forces me to hardcode the path to the checkscript in my 'run' script instead of it being relocatable.

I suppose I could move it to the 'data' directory, but as 's6-notifyoncheck' by default searches for the 'check' script in the service directory itself, that doesn't feel right.

And finally I somehow had the impression that the 'check' script was the official script for liveness checks, but I can't recollect where I got that impression from.

So I guess my question are:
- Is 'check' script for liveness checks considered a feature/convention inside the s6 ecosphere?
- Should including it be considered for a feature request in s6-rc?



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