On Sun, Sep 01, 2019 at 08:41:33AM +0000, Laurent Bercot wrote:
> Short answer: no, the system needs to readjust the system clock when
> resuming from suspension/hibernation; it's a problem not only with
> s6-log, but with every program using the system clock, so the problem
> should be fixed where it occurs.

I roughly see.  Other programs, like date(1) and conky, do seem to
output the correct time after resuming, but I (at least recently, and
you will know why in roughly two to four weeks) really do not have time
to investigate how that is done.

>  This is just a path searching convention, and the proposal is to
> basically add . to PATH for binaries containing (but not starting
> with) a slash. I personally think that anything involving . in PATH
> is a bad idea, but independently from that, I don't see how it relates
> to solving name conflicts in a distribution. Can you elaborate on how
> you would use this?

If I understood it correctly, Goodwin seemed to mean that any invocation
not beginning with `/', `./' or `../' are searched from $PATH, and thus
we can simply use `execline/import' to run `/bin/execline/import'.  BTW,
Plan 9 also has an `import' command: <http://man2.aiju.de/4/import>.

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