Thanks Guillermo. I should have thought about this. So Linux is doing
the right thing (fixing CLOCK_REALTIME on resume), and the problem
only appears with CLOCK_MONOTONIC. It is indeed one of the drawbacks
of using --enable-monotonic when you need a wall clock. And it is a
skalibs problem that it only has a compile-time switch.

[ Casper ]
So the supposed changes at [1] will come true?
(As a user, I will surely be glad about the effects.)
[1] <>

 I don't think I'll completely overhaul and duplicate the tai.h
functions; in particular, the concept of having one true time source
is very useful and I don't want to part with it if at all possible.
But your report - thank you for it! - is proof that --enable-monotonic
is a bad choice and has to go; and I'll find something with run-time
configurability to replace it.


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