After the latest updates i noticed that the trap command hangs on exit
(all of my scripts using trap hang at exit), something like:

execlineb -c 'if { trap { INT { echo int } } echo begin } echo end'

Never prints 'end', this happens on alpine (skalibs- /
execline- and on openbsd (skalibs-
The same happens with SIGTERM, quit and 1 instead of INT. While testing
this i noticed also that using 'default' instead of INT with the above
command leads to:

trap: fatal: unable to trap signals: Invalid argument

I took a quick look at the new options and i might be wrong for this

The other one concerns elgetpositionals and multisubstitute. This is not
related to the latest release, it was there way before but i completely
forgot about this one until now. Basically if elgetpositionals is not
the first command inside a multisubstitute block the following happens:

execlineb -c 'multisubstitute { define hi hello elgetpositionals } echo ${hi} 
${@}' test
multisubstitute: fatal: syntax error at directive elgetpositionals

While this one works:

execlineb -c 'multisubstitute { elgetpositionals define hi hello } echo ${hi} 
${@}' test
hello test

I haven't found a corrispondence in the documentation and/or in the
mailing lists so i thought of reporting it. I haven't tested the git
version, ignore this if it is already fixed.

Thanks in advance!


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