What's your take on this? My interpretation of the POSIX doc is that
pututxline(3) should start searching from the last entry found/read,
not from the next entry after it.

 Well, yes, as you said, the spec is unclear, but the login(1) and
glibc interpretation makes sense: after a getutxline() you kinda
want to be able to directly pututxline() on the same record. In any
case utmps should align on existing behaviour, even when it
contradicts the spec - it already does that for record selection,
for instance: glibc's getutxid() is not quite compliant (I forget
the exact details but a strictly compliant utmps-utmpd would not
work and I had to modify its id matching).

 So yes, I'll change the record-reading routines so they stop on
the current record on success.
 I'll also add WTMPX_FILE because it doesn't harm anything - it treads
on namespace a bit, but glibc's already does.

 Thanks for the reports.


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