I'm lamenting the sorry state of basic user administration and
security software on Linux.

 You and me both. ;)
 I think the communities around my software and related software such
as musl are made of individuals who recognize that there's huge room
for improvement in that area, and try to make it better, step by step.

 Better software need to exist, and then it needs to acquire traction.
It's slow, really slow, but we're working on it. musl today is a lot
more popular than it was 5 years ago. In the same time frame, s6 has
become relatively popular in Docker containers. Progress happens.

 A better model for user authentication and sign-in across services
is something I've never really spent time thinking about, because
it's basically related to networking, and networking is *hard*, and
I'm still not done with improvements on the local machine. Let's
talk about it again in 10 years. ;)


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