Hi all,


Skim.app is excellent. I use it all the time.


I have a question about Skim's behavior when refreshing a pdf file. Under El 
Capitan, when Skim.app reloads a pdf, the viewing position was preserved the 
same. For example, if I was viewing the bottom of a page, the position is still 
the same.


But this changed after I upgraded the OS to macOS Sierra, which I regret. Now 
refreshing makes Skim.app jump to the page top. For example, if I was viewing 
the middle of page 3, after the pdf file is changed (usually by pdflatex), 
Skim.app changes the position to the top of page 3. On my other mac running El 
Capitan, the position does not change. It's only under Sierra that the position 
jumps to the top of a page. The version is 1.4.21 (95) on both machines.


Would there be a way to avoid the position change under Sierra?


Thank you.






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