> On Sep 22, 2016, at 16:46, Chirok Han <chirok....@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Skim.app is excellent. I use it all the time.
> I have a question about Skim's behavior when refreshing a pdf file. Under El 
> Capitan, when Skim.app reloads a pdf, the viewing position was preserved the 
> same. For example, if I was viewing the bottom of a page, the position is 
> still the same.
> But this changed after I upgraded the OS to macOS Sierra, which I regret. Now 
> refreshing makes Skim.app jump to the page top. For example, if I was viewing 
> the middle of page 3, after the pdf file is changed (usually by pdflatex), 
> Skim.app changes the position to the top of page 3. On my other mac running 
> El Capitan, the position does not change. It's only under Sierra that the 
> position jumps to the top of a page. The version is 1.4.21 (95) on both 
> machines.
> Would there be a way to avoid the position change under Sierra?
> Thank you.
> Chirok

I have had several reports about problems in automatic scrolling in Sierra. It 
looks like PDFKit has a bug there, when we tell it to scroll to some position 
it often does not do that. I have reported a bug about this already, but it 
looks to be a more general problem than I thought at first. Unfortunately there 
is nothing we can do about this, Apple needs to fix this in PDFKit.


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