The latest test version works the same way. Actually, I find this more 
convenient (if slightly counter-intuitive) than the regular release, 
despite the bug.

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Date: Wed, 12 Oct 2016 00:51:37 +0200
 From: Christiaan Hofman <>
Subject: Re: [Skim-app-users] up arrow issue
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I?ve put another test version in the same location. Could you try that 


On Oct 11, 2016, at 23:17, Christiaan Hofman <> wrote:

On Oct 11, 2016, at 21:51, Guillaume Daudin < 
<>> wrote:

Hi Christiaan,

Ah, I might have mixed things up (I am using the French version).

shift+cmd+R is Automatically Resize and
cmd+_ is zoom to fit ?

That?s correct (auto resize is "keep zoomed to fit", rather than a one 
time zoom to fit).
Anyway, whether I do one or the other it does not change the issue I 
have with the "annotated" file.

I am indeed on Single Page. I do not have the issue when I do ?Page 
Unique en continu? (which is probably "continuous scrolling").

The keyboard up arrow (nor page up) does not navigate at all (the 
buttons work fine).

The down arrow works like a charm.

That?s really weird, as the implementations are the exact mirror image 
of each other.

I wish I knew why tis was happening, but I don?t, so I fear I cannot fix 
this. All I can hope Apple will fix this, though they didn?t in 10.11, 
and they didn?t in 10.12.
Ah. Zooming out (or in) solves the issue (well, my text is too small/big 

It works fine with the test version you put on forge, except that when I 
zoom in (but not in zoom to fit), up and down arrows + space and 
shift_space work strangely. E.g. space takes me to the bottom of the 
page and then the preceding page rather than the following one. down 
arrow to the top and then the following page ?


Thanks for testing this. So apparently PDFKit still works the same way 
it did on 10.11, which means buggy. Even if Apple assured me they fixed 
it, for the second time, and they lied, again.


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