Hi Ludo’,

Thanks for your reply(s):

>> I wanted to follow up on my question here:
>>>> What would it take to make skribilo use guile-2.2 instead of
>>>> guile-2.0?

> Of course you found out in the meantime :-), but basically I started
> updating some of the code to support 2.2 in master months ago, and
> didn’t quite finish, because I stumbled upon…


> … this issue ↑

Sorry that perhaps did something boneheaded which made caused your reply
to end up in a "spam folder" for me, and I only just noticed it

> I think it was segfaulting while building the manual, because in Guile
> 2.2 you’re really not supposed to mutate a literal pair.

> If you have patches that fix issues like this, I’m happy to take them!

Right. I did fix one instance of this issue, but there was another that
I got somewhat nervous about trying to fix (I was worried I'd break
something inadvertently...) But my memory is a bit imprecise now.

Anyhow, it sounds like you may have fixed it here:

> Actually, like you wrote, Guile 2.2.3 reports such errors nicely, so
> it was easy to fix.

> Current ‘master’ works well for me with Guile 2.2.  Could you give it
> a try and report back?

I'm at a workshop now and may not find enough time to investigate too
carefully until next week, so for now I'm mainly responding to say
"thanks, I got your message!"

I did manage to build and install the skribilo-from-git that you
mentioned via updated master.

(I'm not at all git-competent, so I cloned a new image. There was no
configure script, and I then had to guess at how to accomplish the
autoconf/automake magic. I think in the end I did "./autoreconf
--install" and afterwards things worked(?)  Though I may have copied
some of the infrastructure from my older skribilo image... At any rate,
in the end it built and installed.)

And e.g. it built and installed a new ".info" version of the manual, so
at least some of the errors are now gone.

But earlier, in addition to the problems while building, I was getting
the "mutability errors" while running various guile scripts that I've
written which use skribilo. And so far I haven't confirmed whether all those
issues are resolved.

I'll let you know, though!

Thanks again for the email.


=+= George McNinch
=+= http://math.tufts.edu/faculty/gmcninch

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