I have installed SoundForge11Pro and the two accompanying programs that come
with it on my Windows 10 computer.  When I click on SoundForge11Pro, JAWS is
shut down and cannot be restarted until after I run Narrator to regain sound
on the computer; then I can restart JAWS with its shortcut combo of
Alt-CTRL+J; then I can close Narrator; and the program works properly then.
Can anyone explain to me why this occurs so I can fix this problem and use
SoundForge11Properly?  Has anyone else experienced a similar problem with
SoundForge11Pro causing JAWS to shut down or with anyother program doing
this?  Come to think of it, this also happened with OtsAvRadio when I first
installed it, but it eventually stopped doing it, but I never discovered
what caused the program to cause this problem with JAWS.  I am using the
latest version of JAWS 18.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled
SoundForge11Pro and all of its components, which installed properly and run
as it should when used, except for the shutting down of JAWS18 initially
when I run it.  


James Robinson 

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