I'm well aware what is OT and  what isn't,  but thought this might  benifits  
the list in general, so thought I'd ask here.
How does one contact people off list?  It is true that say you wanted to do it 
via email right? There is no way to see  somebody's email address that they 
used  to post to this list, correct?
Is this done for spam reasons and privacy of the list members?
There have been more than one time I could have  answered an off question topic 
to a member  privatly, but don't  see  any way to contact list members privatly 
off list.

I don't know if the admin console supports files.   perhaps a thought would be 
for the  list members to put contact info in a file and upload it  somewhere 
managed by the admin console.  these  files would be ones that only  list 
members  can get access  too. 

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