Am 17.10.2016 um 01:31 schrieb Andrew P. Lentvorski:
I'm clearly missing something obvious, but I absolutely cannot figure
out how to change the logging level

You do not configure SLF4J, you configure the backend you're using (logback, log4j, or whatever it is).
These are typically configured using property files.

> in either my build.gradle file

The primary purpose of Gradle is to build your software, i.e. to compile it, package it in jars, and possibly deploy it. It does not run your code - unless you do automated testing, which means it will run your code for some scenarios but not all where you want logging. Not unless you're doing something very unusual anyway :-)

So build.gradle is probably not the right place to configure logging.

> or my actual Java code.

Best practice is to avoid doing that as far as possible.
You want log levels to be configurable from the config file, so you can change them withough having to recompile the code. (The purpose of logging is for diagnosis: Software health monitoring, pinpointing bugs, etc. Per-package log levels allow you to highlight those parts of that machine that are under investigation, so you want to be able to adjust that on the fly. At least one backend allows you to reconfigure logging while the software is running.)

I don't want to use command line options for various reasons.  (The
primary reason being that Buildship (Eclipse gradle integration) doesn't
seem to cooperate very well with them).

Buildship has no business with passing on command-line parameters actually; its primary purposes are to run the various rules of a build.gradle, and to update the Eclipse project's compiler etc. settings so that they match what build.gradle is doing.

So if you want to pass on command-line parameters inside the Gradle build, you do that in; if you want to pass them to your running code, you use an Eclipse launch configuration. (You can store launch configurations as part of your project. It's inside the "Common" tab of the launch configuration.)

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