i think we need some sort of resource type inheritance. the use case
is the following:

assume we have:
  /content/en/sling:resourceType = "/apps/base"

where the image script produces some title image. which is used:
  <img src="/content/en.title.png"/>

now, i define a 'sub type' which has a different body than the base
but uses the same image script:
  /content/special/sling:resourceType = "/apps/special"

now the img:
  <img src="/content/special.title.png"/>

this wont work of course, since it does not define the title script.
the workaround is to add a /apps/special/title/png.jsp which
jsp-includes the base one, eg:

<[EMAIL PROTECTED] file="/apps/base/title.png.jsp" %>

but this is not usable at all.

what i suggest is to introduce a "sling:parentType" which you place to
the folder of the script, eg:


and the script resolution would check if the resource type node
defines such a property and uses it as new resource type for the

regards, toby

btw: this is not only a problem just for 'image scripts' but also for
all resources that are included via an url and not via the path /
resource type.
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