Hi all,

last week one of my clients businesses (hosted) email stopped working and they also could not get to their own website on the same address.

Plugging in a phone as an access point the email started working as well as the website working fine. Also from other remote locations (like my house) email and website show up as normal.

Nothing changed on their network that I know of. I'm the only tech they use and they don't have the knowledge to change anything.

traceroute resolves their hosted email/web server address correctly, but after 30 tries of trying to get there gives up. Bypass firewall and same thing happens. Traceroute from the router resolves the correct IP but traceroute seems to go off into the wild blue younder and does not get to the destination IP.

Went over the Cisco router with a fine tooth comb and nothing changed. All looks good.

Hosts file on all the workstations is blank so nothing there... even though from the router traceroute resolves but goes nowhere.

I'm stumped! DNS resolves correctly, yet they cannot get to the IP address.

Could it be the website hacked and denying access from the clients address? (just thought of it so will look into that)

Any ideas appreciated.


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