Long time no post.

So I got my hands on two Intel Nuc's for work (nice toys - small and
quiet), and that other OS everyone seems to love didn't want to
install on the USB "disk" which was stuck in them, the decision was
made to go to Linux.

A bit of research showed me that Ubuntu was about the only install
which would painlessly go onto these things (after a BIOS upgrade), so
despite my habitual distaste for Ubuntu, I downloaded a copy and
installed it on the first one - all cool, boots up, able to customise
it to do what I want, cool bananas.

This is where is gets weird. I then proceeded to copy the USB key
being used a disk using DD (to save having to customise the second one
all over again). All apparently worked, both keys booted the box no
worries - so I took one of them and stuck it into the second Nuc.

And it flat out refused to boot. Nada. Get nicked.

I thought I must have stuffed up the image - but both disks booted the
first device fine.

After scratching my head for a few hours and trying every BIOS option
I could find, I decided to try a fresh install from the CD onto the
new device - and stuff me if it didn't work.

Now I'm at the point where one "disk" will boot on one device but not
on the other.

Has anyone come across this before? Is it something specific to
Ubuntu, or is it the stupid "SecureBoot" crap (which was turned off,
by the way) they put into the BIOS for these things doing *something*
to the "disk" to make the second device not recognise it?

Not really an issue, because I've fixed them so they both boot now -
but I'm intensely curious as to *why* this happened.


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