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Hi all,

I run a small hosting service for about a dozen rural based customers.

I will be moving my premises to a new site but have to wait until construction is completed. My premises are sold and under contract so I need to find a temporary home for my services. A VPS is probably the best option right now and so I am looking for recommendations.

I will need 100Gb disc space, 4 CPUs, 4Gb RAM and at least 200Gb traffic (includes in and out). The VPS will be fully managed by myself and I do require CentOS 7.

Anyone with good stories?


I'm using binary lane and ransomit

Binary lane has had a few problems in the past few months but it seems they have gotten that sorted.

Thanks to all who have replied. I have plenty of good info to work with now. I find it better to work with info provided by people who have had or are having good experiences. Special thanks to Lubos for his links - there is some very useful stuff there.


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