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> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a D34010WYKH as my daily driver - I'm running Arch Linux and have no 
> issues whatsoever (but my kernel is 4.0.1-1 - thanks for reminding me to 
> update!)
> I'm happy to provide any info at all you need (version of packages, kernel 
> modules etc), but I'd say it all comes down to your kernel.
> You could always move to Arch ;-)
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> Subject: [SLUG] 5th Gen i3
> Hi
> I’m using 14.04 on a 5th i3 NUC.
> In the last 3 days I’ve had 3 crashes, at least 1 I could ssh and reboot the 
> other 2 I could NOT ssh in.
> I am using USB3 connectors as that is all the NUC exposes. 14.04 is a 3.16 
> kernel the USB3 issues are not fixed ‘till 3.19. The graphics drivers were 
> released by intel 17 March so not in 14.04 but vesa seems to work OK.
> At the mo I cannot use 15.04 (I can get it to boot n run) but the sensoray 
> V4L drivers are B&W not colour. I need the sensoray V4L.
> I’m trying to work out if my hardware is at fault or Broadwell+IRIS+14.04 is 
> at fault.
> Any comments welcome

Hi Michael

just to be pedantic your NUC is a 4th gen. My 4th gen works perfectly, just the 
5th Gen  :-(

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