Lachlan, in the Name of the Wee Man, so 'reboot' is now a 'legacy tool'

Jeez... Look HPC compute node - I'm in charge, gottit? Yeah, fight back all
you like with systemd, but I can pull the power plug.
Let's see you deal with that one.

On 7 August 2017 at 06:08, Lachlan Musicman <> wrote:

> I've just been asked about implementing a "drain and reboot" for
> nodes/partitions.
> In slurm.conf, there is a RebootProgram - does this need to be a direct
> link to a bin or can it be a command?
> RebootProgram=/usr/sbin/reboot
> or
> RebootProgram='systemctl disable reboot-guard; reboot'
> Cheers
> L.
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