Dear smartmontools users,

due to recent changes at sourceforge
we decided to move the mailing lists to another host[1].

Please subscribe to the new lists here:

Announcement mailing list

Support, discussion, bug report and suggestion mailing list

List for contributions of info about drives that are not yet in smartmontools 
drive db

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to export and 
move the old mailing list archives to the new location 
due to the restricted admin privileges at sourceforge.
Sourceforge support told us that they also cannot 
hand over a copy "as it would be a violation of the laws 
we made these changes to comply with to release any subscriber information."

So you have to search on two places for a while
until the old messages can be classified as outdated.

Find links to our archives on the web in the wiki:

So far the info and see you on the new lists!



[1] Many thanks to jpberlin ( 
who offer free service, complete list administration access 
and mailing list archives for our Free Software Project :-)

Smartmontools developer team

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