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> 1. Is there an easier way to do this?
>         * altroot seems inapplicable since I cannot set the property
except at create or import time.
> 2. How should I be backing up my ‘zones’ pool, because I am obviously
doing it wrong

The easiest way is to do the recv inside a zone with delegated datasets.

If you use znapzend, you can also make it do the recv with -u, which works
fine - until next reboot. Before the reboot, you need to do a recursive
inherit on the mountpoint, or set of canmount. Then when you want to
restore from backup, you need to pay attention to the received version of
properties rather than the local overrides.

I've often wished for an inherited version of canmount, precisely for the
case where descendant dataset has a separate mountpoint, or just really to
specify that nothing below here should be mounted. Using zoned is a viable

> 3. Is it in fact the case that the system is unusable because when
svc:system/filesystem/local fails that zones/usbkey is not being read from?

The service dependency is failing. There's no point trying to read the
config if the service that's supposed to mount it reports failure.

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