2016-09-22 10:09 Matthew Parsons wrote:

(I'm not sure if it's traditional to introduce oneself here, I'll include the standard "I'm new here, feel free to point to me existing posts/documentation" disclaimer.)

Hi and welcome to the community!

I'm attempting to create a pretty bog-standard LX zone, copying and barely modifying the example from https://wiki.smartos.org/display/DOC/LX+Branded+Zones [1] like so:

"alias": "lxtest",
"brand": "lx",
"kernel_version": "4.3.0",
"max_physical_memory": 2048,
"quota": 20,
"image_uuid": "05140a7e-279f-11e6-aedf-47d4f69d2887",

"resolvers": ["",""],
"nics": [
"nic_tag": "admin",
"ips": ["dhcp"]
"primary": true

Note that I've successfully created/run a native (joyent) zone and a KVM guest, I've checked the file for hidden characters, even deleted tabs. Anyone see anything here? Is that example documentation wrong? Running joyent_20160915T211220Z. Thanks for any help.

The problem is you're missing a comma on line 12.

Tip: Use the json command to get more help regarding syntax errors.

Eg. json -f /path/to/json_file
json: error: input is not JSON: Expected ',' instead of '"' at line 13, column 5:
            "primary": true

BR /Johan

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