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> Is the Java image 
> https://docs.joyent.com/public-cloud/instances/infrastructure/images/smartos/java
>  still being maintained? Has it been renamed?

We've found that a number of these custom images have never been very
popular, and so it's not really worth the effort of creating and
maintaining them, especially when they offer so little compared to the
base images.

For many of them you can create an identical environment using a base
image and issuing a single "pkgin install" command to install the
required software, and that gives you more choice into exactly which
versions you want to install (e.g. Oracle/Sun vs OpenJDK for Java).

You also have the option of building upon the "minimal" image if you
prefer a stripped down customised image for your deployment.

One thing I'd like to see is a community site where simple recipes
showing how to set up popular image types are documented.  I have some
in progress for setting up a DNS and mail server etc., so if anyone
else has something similar let me know and we'll start gathering these
together.  That way people can easily build exactly the images they
require, and know exactly how they are put together.


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