On 10/14/16 7:29 , Steve wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I've been out of the loop on CPUs/MB's and now being in need of a new
> system I've started to put one together. Turns out Intel have added a
> new CPU security feature called OS Guard which prevents "wrong" O/S from
> even booting.
> As I'm searching for answers I see that Linux has progress on this but
> I'm not sure if SmartOS does or it may even be made a moot point by some
> new development from the stuff I've found so far.


From what little I can find on this, Intel 'OS Guard' is the marketing
name for the SMEP and SMAP features of the processor. In other words
Supervisor Mode Execution Protection and Supervisor Mode Access
Protection. These are designed to prevent exploits from being able to
access and execute user data. SmartOS and illumos has full support for
these, I implemented it.

SMAP landed in
and SMEP landed in


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