On 10/14/2016 10:36 AM, Robert Mustacchi wrote:
> These are designed to prevent exploits from being able to
> access and execute user data. SmartOS and illumos has full support for
> these, I implemented it.

As usual you're the man! I imagine we would not be this far ahead
without your work, a sincere Thank You!

In June last year I discovered SmartOS and got blown away. The work the
techs at Sun did was not your typical "almost solutions" where things
for some reason are always crippled someplace from doing a proper job.
As an example we have how file systems are not allowed to wear its "hat"
to care for the data it managing being the industry norm. In left stage
walks ZFS and turns thing up side down by actually being allowed to do
what it should be doing!

Anyway, after working a bit with SmartOS I quickly realized that it is
"the future" for any serious computing needs. Apparently Samsung saw the
same thing and had the mindset to leave well alone to continue it's
successful path. SmarrtOS makes me feel like I'm in the presence of
something much larger than me, something I really admire and respect and
awed by!

And you keep being a good representative of that forward motion! In fact
being it to a significant degree. Obviously you are not the only one
doing this but I'm struck by your instant help over and over again.
Hopefully I'm not making you uncomfortable, I just want to acknowledge
that from what I see here on this list you are doing your jobs very well

I'm so grateful to be able to hook up my "wagon" to "your horse."
A big Thank You to all of you who contribute to SmartOS!!!


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