I've performed a scrub on a server.
The server automatically reboot after some time.

Dmesg reports this message:

2016-10-14T20:28:51.231384+00:00 iperione savecore: [ID 570001
auth.error] reboot after panic: I/O to pool 'zones' appears to be hung.

After the reboot the scrub continues, but after half an hour the server
reboot again. And again until I don't stop the scrub process.

What about that? What can I do?

Some server characteristics are:
- controller DELL-PERC H700
- RAM 64GB
- four 500GB disks configured as raidz1

SmartOS version is joyent_20161013T025521Z, but the same issue is
present even booting the previous version.


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