On 10/15/16 10:06 AM, Alessio Ciregia wrote:
I've performed a scrub on a server.
The server automatically reboot after some time.

Dmesg reports this message:

2016-10-14T20:28:51.231384+00:00 iperione savecore: [ID 570001
auth.error] reboot after panic: I/O to pool 'zones' appears to be hung.

Are there any messages relating to disk timeouts and/or command retries in the logs before the panic?

After the reboot the scrub continues, but after half an hour the server
reboot again. And again until I don't stop the scrub process.

What about that? What can I do?

Some server characteristics are:
- controller DELL-PERC H700
- RAM 64GB
- four 500GB disks configured as raidz1

SmartOS version is joyent_20161013T025521Z, but the same issue is
present even booting the previous version.

How is the H700 configured, RAID or HBA mode?

Are the disks SSD or rust?

Reports like these pop up from time to time and most cases I have seen have been caused by failing or otherwise dodgy drives or controllers.


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