* On 2017-05-19 at 02:50 BST, Matthew Parsons wrote:

> Now I know enough for this particular area, but using bug reports to ask
> preliminary questions always strikes me as...sub-optimal. A general
> discussion area/list/something is preferable in my mind. (And is typically
> easier to search for those kind of questions.) For instance, if I have a
> question and I'm not sure if it's an upstream-specific issue or
> Joyent-specific, where would I start? Etc.

Firstly, it's absolutely fine to raise an issue to just ask a question
if you are unsure.  Our ethos is that it's better to have the input
regardless of how it's delivered than not have it at all.

If you think it might be more of a general pkgsrc question rather than
anything specific to SmartOS, we have a couple of mailing lists:


The first is a general pkgsrc list and can cover such things as "how
do I use this software", while the second is geared towards technical
aspects of pkgsrc development.

Personally, I find IRC the most useful, and there are the #pkgsrc and
#smartos channels on Freenode, again depending on if it's a general
pkgsrc question or something specific to SmartOS.  Often there are
follow-up questions and having a real-time conversation is a lot
simpler and faster.

Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -  www.joyent.com

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