All the IPsec utilities are still there (sadly the in.ike bits are still 
closed source).  You’d likely want to do everything from a zone since there’s 
nothing setup in a smartos global zone to use them.
 On August 5, 2017 at 5:27:18 AM, a b ( wrote:
 While we are on the subject of VPN, I used to run a datacenter triad (4200 km 
distance, 100ms latency) just by using Solaris 10, IPFilter and built-in IPsec.
 IPsec was configured via pkgadd(1M) and used a pre-shared key which changed 
every three minutes via built-in IKE daemon.
 What is the status of IPsec in SmartOS these days, and would something like 
that still be possible?
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