Quick update on this.

I rebooted in to recovery mode and swapped the pools as suggested. The
system now boots using the new ones pool but it fails to start the local
file system service and all those that rely on it.
The cause is some cruft in the /zones folder that prevents /zones mounting.

I’ve had to come away for a few days so I won’t get back to looking at this
until Tuesday. I think I know the cause though. Finger trouble on my part
when I was copying data to the new pool.


On 1 February 2018 at 02:35:38, Joshua M. Clulow (j...@sysmgr.org) wrote:

> On 31 January 2018 at 10:49, H William Welliver III
> <will...@welliver.org> wrote:
> I did this a few months ago and I seem to recall the trick being to reboot
> into recovery mode so that the pools aren’t imported. You have to do all
> the work without mounting the zones pool. If somehow it gets mounted you’re
> out of luck and will have to reboot try again.
> Yes, I would be inclined to boot the system in noimport/recovery mode
> and then import both pools q

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