Building a new platform image using a fork of smartos-live that uncomments the 
option for unfiltered promisc seems to solve the problem. A bit of a 
complicated solution to the problem (I guess I am tying myself to a lifetime of 
smartos compilations) but it works and seems less of a hack than the 


January 30, 2018 11:04 AM, "H. William Welliver III" < 
(mailto:%22H.%20William%20Welliver%20III%22%20<>)> wrote:
And my final followup:

It appears that "allow_unfiltered_promisc" is silently ignored for non-kvm zone 
brands (ref /usr/lib/brand/joyent/statechange). Is there a particular reason 
for that? I understand that it's a powerful and dangerous option, but it's 
already relatively difficult to enable. Is there any way to work around this, 
short of rolling my own boot image/platform image?


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