Hello all. I'm trying to put SmartOS on a reasonably modern machine with an
ASUS H110 board and a 6th gen i5 CPU.

It start booting, then hangs, for ever. With -v I get to

root on /ramdisk:a fstype ufs

and no further. Cursor keeps flashing, that's all. I've tried every BIOS
setting that I think might make any difference, and unplugged everything
unpluggable form the main board.

I also tried a Solaris 11 image, and I get the same thing. (Solaris says
something like "root on rpool fstype zfs" of course, but it's clearly the
same point.)  I have definitely had that box boot Solaris, though it's
possible the BIOS has been upgraded since then.

FreeBSD boots fine.

If anyone can think of anything worth trying, I'm all ears.


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