As I needed a way run an unattended installation/configuration of a standalone 
server running smartos in a datacenter where I do not have the possibility to 
use PXE boot and where a console connected to the server to manually enter the 
configuration is kind a difficult to get.
I was looking at the usb image and could resolved my problem by adding some 
minor modifications to the /smartdc/lib/smartos_prompt_config.sh script in the 

It allows me to have a /private/answers.json file on the USB drive, that allows 
me to configure the box without the need of a console, and/or I can “factory 
reset” the box by "zfs set smartdc:factoryreset=yes zones/var” and rebooting it.

I wanted to share the changes so other users can benefit and I would not have 
to change the boot_archive on my systems when getting getting the latest one :) 
, but when creating a pull request I noticed the following in the github repo:

"If you are changing something non-trivial or user-facing, you may want to 
discuss the issue with other developers …"

So, before submitting changes to the code review (https://cr.joyent.us) and as 
it could be seen as a "user-facing” change:

- I would like to verify if it would make any sense to create an issue for this 
feature and submit these changes?
- I would lik to know if this the right way and place in the system to enable 
this feature?
- Or if there are any design reasons not to do this?

You can see the change here: https://github.com/joyent/smartos-live/pull/767

Best regards.

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