Hi all,

I’ve just installed macOS 10.12 (all went fine in case you’re wondering) and, 
unusually, did it while logged in as Administrator. When it asked if I wanted 
to setup with my AppleID I forgot that I wasn’t logged in as “me” and gave it 
my AppleID & password. I didn’t realise what I’d done until reminder from “my” 
calendars started popping up at which point I thought - oops!

I went to iCloud in Preferences to switch them off but it said that items would 
stay in iCloud but deleted from my Mac. Now, what I’m wondering is, does it 
mean that they will remain in iCloud but removed from my Admin user’s contacts, 
calendars and so on, but “my” proper account (where I am logged in 99% of the 
time with that AppleID) will retain its contacts, calendars etc.?

I suspect it will and that Apple is being a little sloppy in their description, 
but thought I should ask …

Any advice appreciated.



"There is no more perfect recipe for self-delusion than to suppose that being a 
television personality is some kind of achievement in itself. The best 
insurance to stop it happening is to keep a recording of say, Beethoven's 7th 
Symphony nearby in order to remind yourself of what an actual achievement is." 
- Clive James

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