Hi y’all,

I’ve just sent this to Apple, logging it as a bug and (unless I’ve missed the 
switch that brings them back) if you have typed in many lyrics over the years 
you may like to send something similar from this page: www.apple.com/feedback

I've heard that this is a decision made by Apple ...

When I had my early non-touch iPod I entered lyrics into iTunes so that I could 
see them on my iPod. I've entered a LOT of lyrics since then.

My iPad is running iOS 10 and my lyrics have gone! I CAN see those missing 
lyrics for the very same song on my iPod running iOS 9 and on iTunes

I read today this feature is only available for iOS 10 Apple Music 
subscribers!! If this is an oversight or we are missing a tweak to bring it 
back then make it widely known please.

If however, you have done this to push signups of Apple Music I think it is a 
low, nasty, mean and cheap trick, worthy or MS and their forced Windows 10 
upgrade, but not Apple. You've junked my hours of typing and editing and 
annoyed me!!  :-(



“If you don’t read the newspaper you’re uninformed, if you do read the 
newspaper you are misinformed.” ~ Mark Twain

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