Dear All,
Well it finally happened - dropped my phone in the car park and the screen 
is now well smashed up (it was in a protective case but not protective 
enough for a face down collision with the ground). It still works but the 
screen is hard to read. I've wrapped it round in cling film to stop bits of 
glass falling off and asked in Currys about repair (we are a long way from 
any Apple shop)... £170!!! That would only be worth it if it was still in 
warranty but it is long past that. Has anyone got any advice about this? I 
looked on eBay for repair kits and they seem to be about £15 but I don't 
fancy the stress and frustration of doing something that is totally 
unfamiliar. What is the going rate for non accredited repair shops? 
Anything to look out for?

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