Hi folks

My 2010 Mac Pro isshowing its age even with an SSD with the latest OS. I reckon the days I can get by on 7 gigs of RAM are over so headed over to crucial. I gather the maximum I can install is 4 x 4 gigs but there's a rather bewildering array of options between 150 and 220 or so depending on DDR3 and DDR4 (etc).

Can someone tell me whether it's worth paying another 50% for the more expensive options, or it's going to be small potatoes?

Thanks for any guidance.

(The problem I have is that the machine can get really unresponsive after a couple of day's use and it seems to be swap memory being so vast it can barely fit into the 7 gigs once the OS had had its cut. If anyone has other tips, I'm interested...)


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