This image includes toolchains and snapcraft to help app developers (and
hardware enablement engineers) who don't have a Ubuntu installation to
build a snap software package.

It's also support building snap on amd64, i386 (native and amd64
architecture), armhf (native and amd64 architecture), arm64 (native and
amd64 architecture). That help an app developer to cross build a arm-based
snap from amd64.

To use the docker container to build a
​ ​
Please put this line in your
${HOME}/.$(basename ${SHELL})rc
alias snapcraft-docker='docker run -u $(id -u) -t -i --rm -v $(pwd):/build \
-v ${HOME}/.snap:/build/.snap \
-v ${HOME}/.local/share/snapcraft:/build/.local/share/snapcraft \
snapcraft/xenial-amd64 snapcraft'

snapcraft-docker tour
cd snapcraft-tour/00-SNAPCRAFT/01-easy-start && snapcraft-docker

Please find the README on

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