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> dniu 01.12.2016, o godz. 12:29:
> Hi all!
>  I've got a few questions about the upcoming interface hooks, to make
> sure that everything is ready in my project (Unity8's Online Accounts)
> to migrate our "click hooks" into the interface hooks.
> So, what follows is my understanding of the situation, and some
> questions; please comment if I got something wrong. :-)

I’ll defer corrections to pstolowski who is implementing this feature, but:

> As I understand it, interface hooks will be run when the interface gets
> connected. Does this mean that for auto-connect interfaces, interface
> hooks will effectively be run at install time?

Yes, they will run when the connection is attempted, even if that is an 
automatic connection.

> I've read that hooks are run with the same confinement as the rest of
> the commands included in the snap; but what about the environment? Will
> the XDG_* variables be properly set?

All the environment will be consistent but see below.

> Will the hook be run as the UNIX user who connected the interface? And
> if the interface is autoconnected, will the hook be run multiple times
> under each different user?

No, they will run as root AFAIK.

> I guess that's enough questions for now :-)

Best regards
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