Yep, Zygmunt is correct about all these aspects.


On 01.12.2016 12:32, Zygmunt Krynicki wrote:
Wiadomość napisana przez Alberto Mardegan <> w 
dniu 01.12.2016, o godz. 12:29:

Hi all!
  I've got a few questions about the upcoming interface hooks, to make
sure that everything is ready in my project (Unity8's Online Accounts)
to migrate our "click hooks" into the interface hooks.

So, what follows is my understanding of the situation, and some
questions; please comment if I got something wrong. :-)
I’ll defer corrections to pstolowski who is implementing this feature, but:

As I understand it, interface hooks will be run when the interface gets
connected. Does this mean that for auto-connect interfaces, interface
hooks will effectively be run at install time?
Yes, they will run when the connection is attempted, even if that is an 
automatic connection.

I've read that hooks are run with the same confinement as the rest of
the commands included in the snap; but what about the environment? Will
the XDG_* variables be properly set?
All the environment will be consistent but see below.

Will the hook be run as the UNIX user who connected the interface? And
if the interface is autoconnected, will the hook be run multiple times
under each different user?
No, they will run as root AFAIK.

I guess that's enough questions for now :-)

Best regards

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