Am Donnerstag, den 16.02.2017, 10:16 +0000 schrieb Sunny Bhayani:
> We are able to make our Wifi work by doing insmod wcn36xx.ko, and
> doing the 
> echo start > /sys/kernel/debug/remoteproc/remoteproc2/state.
> We have a question regarding the above step. In the Dragonboard
> prebuilt rootfs,
> there are scripts which actually inserts the Wifi module during boot.
> Those 
> scripts are located at /lib/systemd/system/wcnss-start.service.
> These scripts actually start the wifi interface.

> But in our case, we have to manually do this. So how can we add new
> scripts to 
> the RootFS in our case as compared to the prebuilt Dragonboard binary
> ?
you should not need to do that, we definitely do not have such scripts
in our official images:

ogra@dragonboard:~$ ls /lib/systemd/system/wcnss-start.service
ls: cannot access '/lib/systemd/system/wcnss-start.service': No such
file or directory

the module should be auto-loaded during boot (this happens surely for
us with the default ubuntu core images). there must be something wrong
with your setup ... 
here is a boot log from a default ubuntu core dragonboard image http://
paste.ubuntu.com/24006524/ there wcn36xx just gets auto-loaded, perhaps
you miss a kernel configuration ?

> One more observation is, that due to the above scripts present in the
> prebuilt 
> Dragonboard binary, during the first boot console config, we get to
> configure 
> the wifi interface along with the eth0 interface, which is also
> missing in our 
> case.

there is no ethernet device on a dragonboard, do you use an addon board


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