I agree, sniffer isn't a "filter" for that type of thing, that's why
your mail server has filters for rbl's, etc,etc.   I think it does a
fine job right now


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As some one who speaks Russian, it would be more productive for you to
forward those spams to sniffer for processing rather than create a rule
based on normal common language characters. Besides, that is not what I
expect from Sniffer. My understand of the premise of Message Sniffer is
to create rules that search for a pattern in spam messages that can be
reliably duplicated. Having a rule solely based on inclusion of common
language characters would under-mind that trust we have in Message


John T

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Hello Comrades, 

Could we get a rule that looks for various common Russian words (or
Cyrillic characters) and then gives them a spam value?


Do you sell much Sniffer Product to Russia? If not, rules that focus on
common russian words would be great for blocking much of the spam that
makes it's way past Sniffer. You could always create a way for people
that want Russian emails to exclude this rule. No?


Not that I know all the details of how you guys create your rules but a
rule looking for common Cyrillic  characters could catch all spam
formatted in Russian as well as other languages that use similar
characters. Otherwise you should hire some coders that understand these
languages as I get a heap of spam that passes Sniffer by using what
looks like Russian or Cyrillic  characters.


I run iMail 8.22 so if anyone has any other ideas that could block these
please post your suggestions, I guess we could create a phrase list from
some of the Cyrillic  spams..?





Steve Guluk


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