Hi everyone. I wanted to share something that one of our customers
discovered while using the external Message Sniffer as a command line
scanner in Smartermail 15.5.6222. Prior to upgrading to 15.5.6222, my
customer was running SM 15.3.6109 and the external Message Sniffer command
line scanning option without issue. Once he upgraded to SM 15.5.6222, he
noticed that there were no Sniffer headers in any of the email that he was
receiving. After general troubleshooting, I submitted a ticket to SM
support and they helped to resolve it by providing me with a new SM build.
If you are experiencing this issue, please download and install the new
build from here:

Please note that this ONLY affects people using the external Message
Sniffer from Arm Research and only if they are using it with SmarterMail as
a command line scanner. It does not affect people using Message Sniffer
with Declude. If you guys have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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