Hi Rob,

When converting from a BaseAgent based agent to a AgentXMasterAgent
you will have to make some modifications on your agent class implementation,
because the AgentXMasterAgent is AgentConfigManager based.

You can compare the examples TestAgent (BaseAgent) and SampleAgent
(AgentConfigManager). Once you have converted your agent similar
to SampleAgent (using AgentConfigManager) converting that one
to AgentXMasterAgent should be very easy. Basically you only have
to exchange the config manager and set same additional options
for AgentX.

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Am 04.05.2012 21:21, schrieb Rob Morton:
> Hi,
>   I have a BaseAgent-based snmp agent and want to be able to convert 
> to an AgentXMasterAgent-based agent so that I can connect sub-agents 
> to my Master agent in the future.
>   What is the path of least resistance?
> Thanks,
> Rob

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