Hi Rob,

With the NET-SNMP AgentX master and sub-agents several
issues are known. Any of those, are caused by NET-SNMP's
incorrect registration algorithms or simply other bugs
which are not fixed for years now.

For several issues there exists workarounds. So if you are
using NET-SNMP as a subagent to SNMP4J-AgentX, nearly
everythin should work. You can search for "NET-SNMP"
in the sources of SNMP4J-AgentX to locate the various

We could probably better help, if you provide more details
on the problem (master log output of the failed request
as well as subagent output, also who is master and who
subagent, etc.)

Best regards,

Am 06.06.2012 02:03, schrieb Rob Morton:
> Hi,
>     What version(s) of net-snmp are supported by snmp4j's agentxv2.1.0?
>     I ask because I am getting peculiar 'get' failures on Solaris's
> net-snmpv5.0.9.  I get these errors after successful connection,
> registration, pings, etc...I perform an snmpget on IF-MIB::ifNumber.0
> (just an example) and get "IF-MIB::ifNumber.0 = No Such Object available
> on this agent at this OID" This OID region is indeed registered.
> Thanks,
> Rob
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