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I have a non-optimal situation in which I believe 2 switches I want to 
interrogate have the same engine id which is naturally causing problems when 
trying to access them using SNMPv3.
After checking around different threads of discussion it looks like it relates 
to the engine id being used as the hash in a singleton class (USMTimeTable?).  
Since my java application is the one which contacts the difference services, 
even though that is done in different threads with different allocated 
resources, I expect the library is still combining things to cause problems.  
After following the details I can fully understand it as it has been repeated 
numerous times that the engineid is supposed to be unique within an 
administrative domain.  I even did come across an old.nabble discussion about 
engineids and defaults used and the like and most certainly want to stay as 
compliant with RFC as possible.

The one thing I was wondering about though is, with reference to the RFC3411 
statement 'Within an administrative domain, a contextEngineID 
uniquely identifies an SNMP entity'.  Is there any way in SNMP4J to set up 
separate 'administrative domains' for the context of engine id management?  

-Scott MacKay
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