I am using version 1.12.9 and noticed the sofia-sip stack setting the
register refresh timer to the wrong value.  That is, the 200 OK includes
"Expires: 60", but sofia-sip logs this:

"nua(): refresh register after 1905 seconds (in [900..2700])".

Here is the 200 OK content:

Status-Line: SIP/2.0 200 OK
Message Header:
   To: ...
   From: ...
   Call-ID: ...
   Via: ...
   User-Agent: ...
   Max-Forwards: ...
   Contact: sip:6...@
   Cseq: 118227582 REGISTER
   Expires: 60
   Content-Length: 0

Do you know why the timer could be wrong?  It looks like it's getting set to
the default 3600 seconds.

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