SIP Contact Headers should always be the URL of the device sending the
message (i.e. the address at which the sender can be contacted/replied-to).
So I would always expect the Contact Header in the 200 OK to be the URL of
the sender (not the URL of the receiver).  This is why I don't understand
why sofia-sip is comparing the sent and received Contact Header URLs.

Also, the expires value can be sent either as a parameter in the Contact
Header or as a separate Expires SIP header.  A client may suggest an expires
value in the REGISTER request, but the server is allowed come back with a
different expires value in the 200 OK reply.  In any case, the client (i.e.
sofia-sip) must adhere with the expires value in the 200 OK reply.

This is my understanding of the SIP standard.

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