Hello everyone, good day.
There´s this gig I got...it´s a simple 360º render of a warehouse with a
lot of small things, like boxes, and stuff animated (you know the usual
things you´ll go to place and store at a rent warehouse).

I did this using Arnold. And pretty much delivered all 400 frames of it, 8
warehouses with full 360º showing all. That render on an i7 4930k (12
cores) and 24gigs of ram took around 9 hours in 500x400 for each individual
render (and you know, it´s ok, because you leave it overnight and send the
files the next morning).

But things now need to be delivered on a tight schedule, so I need to rent
an Arnold farm for SI 2014 sp2. They asked me to go from 500x400 to full HD
(1920x1080) so rendering those 400 frames take around 44 hours. (almost 2
entire days for just 1 out of 8 sequences).

If anyone could help me out, please, with a farm to send the files to; or a
rate doing it on my own machine for 2 days for each one of the warehouses,
I´d be really grateful.


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